Posted by BiteSpire on November 14th 2016 07:41 AM in

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[Tasks | Fix] Task filters didn't honour the selected task tab filter correctly.


[Browser | Fix] Attempts to launch url when entering "" or similar.

[Bookmarks | New Feature ] Added "Remember last page tabs for browser" in [Settings & Prefs]/[Web Browser].

[Contacts | New Feature] Custom fields are now available to the Letters and Labels facility. Insert into document as "{YourCustomFieldName}".

[Documents | Fix] Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.

[Finance | Enhancement] Selecting a spreadsheet will now hide the details preview pane.

[Home | Fix] Recalculated date ranges for plus/minus 7, 14 and 21 days.

[Home | New Feature] Added new panel "Finance transactions" to Home Page as a new tab filter for transactions that are due with Balance display.

[Home | New Feature] Added "Apply" button to "Customise Home Page" to allow instant saving of the settings whilst staying in the customisation window.

[Home | New Feature] Added a context menu to the Date Navigator allowing you to add journals, events and tasks based on the selected date.

[Home | New Feature] Clicking on the right part of the Section Header displaying the date will make the Date Navigator go to today's date.

[Home | New Feature] Added a Date Navigator. Data panels base the date from the selected date of the calendar, allowing you to go back (or forward) in history.

[Home | Enhancement] Enhanced layout of "Customise Home Page".

[Home | Enhancement] Improved "grey" visibility of dates within panels.

[Home | Enhancement] Removed text "no due date" when tasks have no dates.

[Journal | Fix] Some commands like Date and Time didn't operate when using the "Insert" main menu.

[Messages | Enhancement] Cosmetic improvements to Message Rules editor.

[Noteboard | Fix] Deleting a folder in Noteboard section didn't take into account orphaned hidden items.

[Reports | New Feature] Added CSV in Report Export options along with Tab delimiter output.

[UI | Fix] Operation of mouse wheel when doogiePIM is on left monitor and primary is on the right.

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