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Carl Porch

Problems with Calendar

Reported by Carl Porch | January 31st, 2017 @ 03:46 PM | in

This is a rather serious bug and now that I think of it, even though do-Organizer was an extremely powerful program, it's lack of reliability caused me to put it aside.

Items appearing and disappearing from the Calendar. This problem still exists with doogiePIM. I downloaded the most recent version to check on the Calendar Update fix, overwrote the EXE and ended up losing an All-Day event with a lot of information in it. This is NOT a recent event, but one I had been dragging forward (continually updating the Start/End dates) for some time. Suddenly gone.

It's now to the point that I don't trust the Calendar Refresh process. Why does such a process even exist? What am I refreshing? Is this some kind of workaround for reliability issues with the Calendar?

I closed the program and re-opened it -- and got my Event back.

At a minimum, the User needs to be able to trust the calendaring of the program. Suggest that the Calendar process is rewritten.

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  • BiteSpire

    BiteSpire January 31st, 2017 @ 05:09 PM

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    Status: Under investigation and testing.
    Priority: Immediate

    Many thanks for taking time to let me know of this issue. I'm going to take a further look into the finer details of this.
    When you say you keep changing the start and end dates, are you doing this by mouse-dragging the event or by using the popup dialog window to edit the data? I ask, because I think I've found some bug in the code for the dragging of events.

    When the event vanished, was this a Calendar event or a Task based event?
    Which calendar view do you use? Day view, Monthly, 7 day etc.

    I can agree, the calendaring needs to be rock solid stable and I'm happy to keep working on it to make it so.

    The Calendar Refresh command on the toolbar is really only for multi-user access. When one user updates an event the Refresh button simply reloads the data from the database into a visual cache of the visible days. The scheduler only loads events when needed to display them rather than loading every single one as in the old doOrganizer code base. These cache settings do need tweaking and improved. When an event needs saving, doogiePIM saves teh record data immediately to the disk database and then displays the update. This ensures data is not lost and is stored.


  • Carl Porch

    Carl Porch February 6th, 2017 @ 04:32 PM

    Some more on Calendaring.

    The biggest problem doogiePIM has with Calendaring is the handling of recurring Events. I have regular tasks that I perform on a weekly and daily basis (both personal and work-related), as well as, exceptions that occur and individual deletions of scheduled events.

    For example, I've created a daily recurring event to "Update Database" -- when I'm done with this, I'll perform a deletion of the calendar event.

    [Note: When doogiePIM deletes an Event it ALWAYS deletes the individual event, it doesn't give you the option of deleting the series -- to accomplish THAT you have to "Edit the Event" and then "Remove the Recurrence." Most software, including Microsoft Outlook, asks whether or not you wish to Delete the Event or the Entire Series when a User selects "Delete". This option would at least help doogiePIM be less frustrating to individuals who suddenly find a certain event duplicated in the Calendar. Perhaps because it wasn't displayed on a database open, and then the User thinking that it's gone enters it again -- only to find 2 events now, the NEXT time they open the database (or the calendar gets refreshed).]

    The doogiePIM database does a terrible job tracking calendar exceptions. I've started just deleting the prior day's entries -- and not worrying about anything prior to that recurring in the calendar. Another thing I've started doing is to end the Recurring events at the end of the year, instead of "No End Date" -- in the hopes that it will be less information for the database to keep track of and help its accuracy. To audit recurrences, I'll set the view for 31 Days and then scroll down to the end of the year to see if anything appears, at a glance, to be missing.

    To duplicate problems with the Calendar -- you don't have to look very far. You can do the following:
    (a) Create 7 or 8 Recurring Events -- some daily, some weekly, some bi-weekly and so forth. (b) Now pick certain ones and right-click delete them -- as if they were exceptions to your schedule on particular days. (c) You can also drag a few to new time slots. (d) Now hit "Calendar Refresh" (or close the Calendar and re-open it). Guarantee you it will NOT be consistent with your last actions on the data!


  • BiteSpire

    BiteSpire March 2nd, 2017 @ 07:57 PM

    • State changed from “open” to “resolved”

    Status: Completed in version 1.1

    Recurring events have been greatly reworked so the internal saving and deletion is more stable. When deleing recurring events, a dialog is now asked to the user if they wish to remove the single event or the whole series.

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